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Reads vehicle and vagon number plates via cameras using optical character recognition software. The aim is to target criminals through their use of the roads.
The technology captures images to identify number plates. It uses optical character recognition to read the vehicle registration mark from the number plate however it is presented. ANPR systems can use images from:
1. Dedicated cameras, which are primarily in vehicles or fixed sites, or
2. Existing video cameras which have been modified, such as town centre closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.
For a number of years, the police have also used ANPR systems at strategic locations such as ports,  and key strategic locations including the "ring of steel". The improvements in the technology and an overall reduction in IT costs have led police to look to ANPR as a proactive tool to target criminals using the roads.

Key features

  • Intercepts vehicles
  • Gather intelligence and provide support to investigations
  • The ability to centrally search and analyse ANPR reads from all cameras in the infrastructure
  • Move towards multi-agency collaboration and information sharing
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